Key Issues

There are a large number of issues that need to be considered as part of this important project. The key issues that are being carefully considered include:

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Why are these Proposals so Important?

For decades now Sheffield city centre has experienced rising retail vacancy, falling retail sales and lack of investment. This was principally due to a shortage of new retail space in the city that is configured to meet the changing needs of modern retailers.

A growing Sheffield demands a modern environment for retailers. Currently, demand for good quality modern retail space outstrips supply in the city centre. Many of the UK’s largest retail brands, such as H&M, Next, New Look and Topshop, trade from stores that are over 60% smaller than their average sized stores in UK cities with similar populations to Sheffield. We know that retailers are waiting for Sheffield’s Retail Quarter to be developed so that they can have modern, prime and well-configured stores.

Attracting new and larger retailers provides a number of benefits. More visitors are attracted to the city centre, meaning more money is spent in the local economy. This benefits all businesses and helps to create jobs. More occupied retail space will also generate more income through business rates. More money can then be raised to fund improvements to the city centre, including enhancing our public spaces.

Bringing this development forward is a strategic priority for Sheffield City Council, supported by the universities, civic and cultural institutions and businesses, as well as existing and potential city centre retailers.

What Kind of Shops will there be?

The new shopping area will include a wide range of retailers from well-known high-street stores, together with more aspirational and contemporary shops, all of which will be located next to and near new places to eat and drink. Discussions with retailers and restaurant operators are ongoing and already the feedback has been particularly positive. To stay updated with the latest news, please sign-up for email updates here.

Sheffield’s Retail Quarter is not just about attracting national and international retailers. Our independent shops and businesses also have a huge amount to offer and will play an important role in a more vibrant city centre. The proposals are not about increasing competition that crowds out independent retailers but rather about attracting more shoppers and visitors to the city centre.

Will there be Changes to the Road Network?

Consultation is ongoing with South Yorkshire Passenger Transport Executive and bus operators about potential changes to the local road network. Any changes will be kept to a minimum. The main route for private cars and vehicles will continue to be along West Street and Charter Row. Buses will continue to run into the city centre along West Street and Arundel Gate. As the proposals are developed further, there will be additional consultation on specific changes to different bus routes.

What Disruption will Construction Cause?

Any disruption will be kept to a minimum by building the new shopping area in phases and by careful management of the surrounding area. A top priority is to ensure building work has as little impact as possible on existing shops and businesses in the surrounding area. The specific construction plans will be confirmed in 2016 but work is already underway to ensure that everyone who lives, works or visits the city centre is kept informed and provided with advanced notice of any works beginning.

What about Car Parking?

Car parking spaces will be provided in new multi-storey facilities accessed from Rockingham Street. There will also be a car park at the new generation department store. These car parks will provide convenient parking for everyone wishing to visit the city centre.