Sheffield has a proud history. A popular and attractive Retail Quarter in our city centre will create new jobs, draw in more visitors and provide everyone with new choices about where they shop, eat out or spend their leisure time.

The proposals are about attracting new retailers, bars and restaurants. Equally important, these changes to our city centre are also an opportunity to bring more vibrancy and life to the area. With this in mind, the proposals also include:

  • New city centre homes.
  • Centrally located offices.
  • Strong links with existing vibrant shopping areas such as Division Street, The Moor and surrounding areas.
  • New and attractive public spaces like those that already enhance our city centre.

New city centre homes, office, public spaces

A New Retail Quarter

The proposals are focussed on the areas around Barkers Pool, Pinstone Street and Moorhead. The design merges with Sheffield’s award winning public realm and world-renowned cultural assets – including The Crucible and The Lyceum theatres – and unites key retail areas in the city centre from The Moor through to Fargate.

The plan below shows the proposed layout of streets that would come together in a new public square bordered by a new anchor store and other prominent retailers. The key design features include:

  • Extending the popular shopping destination of Fargate.
  • Creating stronger links from the Peace Gardens across Pinstone Street.
  • Strengthening links with the established shopping area and new development at The Moor.

Scheme Plan

Ensuring Connectivity

Sheffield’s Retail Quarter sits at the centre of our city and provides an ideal opportunity to strengthen and reinforce key linkages with other areas – ultimately consolidating the city centre into a cohesive design that is easy to navigate.

Transport links

A key priority of the Retail Quarter plans is to ensure that good and strong linkages exist across the city centre and that people can access the city centre quickly and conveniently. All modes of transport are catered for by the proposals.

The proposals include enhancing key walking routes through the city, not least by extending Fargate and creating stronger links from the Peace Gardens. Cycling remains important as Sheffield looks to build on the legacy of the Tour De France in 2014. The proposals include space for cycle routes and secure cycle parking. All of this infrastructure will support existing cycling facilities, including the cycling hub most recently introduced at the city’s mainline station.

Public transport remains a critical element of the city’s future. Providing people with quick and convenient transport options including the bus and tram is critical, not least for those people who do not have access to a private car. The proposals include a range of options to develop bus routes that will service Sheffield’s Retail Quarter. The Council will be working with partners across the city, including the bus operators and South Yorkshire Passenger Transport Executive to consider these options in more detail. The detailed options will be subject to more detailed public consultation at a later date.

Public Spaces

Sheffield is famous for its world-class public spaces that local people and visitors can enjoy. The design ethos behind the proposals for the public realm in and around Sheffield’s Retail Quarter are to use materials that reflect the geological features of the Peak District, including considering the textures and distinctiveness of the Millstone Edges that surrounding our city at Stanage, Burbage, Derwent, Froggat and Curbar. The proposals themselves include:

  • Creating a new public square outside a new anchor department store.
  • Creating a new Fargate that extends up the hill past Barkers Pool.
  • Creating new and attractive pedestrian routes along and around Pinstone Street and Burgess Place.



Briefing Pack
Stakeholder Briefing Pack (June 2015)

Consultation Leaflet
Consultation Leaflet (June 2015)

Public Exhibition
Public Exhibition (June 2015)

Briefing Note
Briefing Note (November 2015)

Consultation Leaflet
Consultation Leaflet (July 2016)

Briefing Note
Briefing Note (July 2016)

Drop-In Session Boards (July 2016)
Drop-In Session Boards (July 2016)

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